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Joint Pain Treatment In Pittsburgh PA

Joint pain can affect many areas of your life. For some people, it can hinder basic everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs, maintaining your own property or even being able to enjoy your favorite hobbies (like golf, bowling, hunting, fishing, or tennis). For others, it can interfere with the ability to exercise or get down on the ground to play with the kids or grandkids. If you want a non-invasive, drug-free solution for your joint pain, Chronic Conditions Center in Pittsburgh, PA may be the solution for you.

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Chronic Conditions Center:  The Place for Joint Pain Relief

We offer relief, repair, renewal, and rejuvenation in a caring and compassionate setting. Our highly trained staff coupled with the most advanced technologies in physical medicine will help you get rid of your toughest pain so you can do what you want on your own terms once again. Call us today to schedule a consultation and see what we can do for you.

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Treating Chronic Joint Pain

When it comes to correcting joint pain, we take a different approach (than what you’ll get when you go to a physician). What they offer you are pills or injections. These never work to correct your problem because the drugs do not address the true root cause of the issue. The best that method can hope for is to manage the pain. Physical problems require physical solutions. We offer chiropractic, rehabilitation, soft tissue therapies, laser, shockwave, and decompression. With this multifaceted approach to joint pain problems, we are able to help you recover and feel awesome.

If you have joint pain, call us to schedule an appointment.