Welcome To Chronic Conditions Center

The place for non-surgical pain relief, peripheral neuropathy, and functional medicine.

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Welcome To Chronic Conditions Center

The place for non-surgical pain relief, peripheral neuropathy, and functional medicine.

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We Want to Be your Local Chiropractor in Pittsburgh, PA

Still, searching for a “chiro near me”? At the chiropractic office of Dr. Kevin Smith, you will find more than just a talented and caring local chiropractor. We want to be your full-service chiropractic wellness center.

When you are searching for a “chiropractor open near me”, look no further than our facility and our smiling, friendly staff!

More Than a “Chiropractor Near Me”

You may have found us through a search for local chiropractic care, but we offer so much more to help you feel your best!

Dealing with neuropathy or neuropathic pain and symptoms? We can help! We offer treatment for symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pain, and more.

Experiencing stiffness, pain, or difficulty moving and using your extremities? Don’t let that limit your life! Our team can work with you to improve function and provide comfort for these issues.

Struggling to lose weight, manage digestive issues, or control your hormones? Our knowledgeable team can help you get a handle on thyroid issues, gastrointestinal concerns, and more – and help you make a workable plan to get your weight where you want it and keep it there!

Affordable Chiropractor in Pittsburgh, PA

Of course, we are best known for our team of experienced local chiropractors in Pittsburgh, PA. We strive to offer chiropractic care that fits everyone’s needs – and that includes fitting everyone’s budget.

We want you to feel comfortable with the cost of your care. That is why we promise no surprises – and plenty of value for the price. We also provide a free consultation to every consumer, outlining what you can expect from your chiropractic or other treatment with us.

Additionally, we work to fit your family’s busy schedule. If you need chiropractic care, visit our chiropractic clinic and get the help you need to start feeling better!

Conditions We Treat At Chronic Conditions Center:

Back Pain                                                          Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain                                                  Hip Pain
Knee Pain                                                         Foot Pain
Car Accident Pain                                           Numbness/Tingling
Herniated Disc                                                Peripheral Neuropathy
Sciatica                                                              Scoliosis
Spinal Stenosis                                                Thyroid Problems
Sports Injuries                                                 Elbow Pain
Wrist Pain                                                         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Digestive Problems                                         Autoimmunity

Services We Offer At Chronic Conditions Center:

Weight Loss
Thyroid Restoration
Spinal Decompression
Pulsewave Therapy
Functional Medicine
Soft Tissue Therapy

My top advisor, I talk with Dr. Smith on a regular basis. He has a fountain full of clinical knowledge that helps me out when I have challenges. I’d say that this translates well for clinical care for people living in the area too.

Check out his website, view his videos, and give him a call. He is very approachable, and will help you out quickly.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to choosing a chiropractor, we know you have a lot of choices. What makes our clinic unique comes down to the way we treat people. We do everything possible to create an exceptional patient experience. From the way you are greeted to the exam process, to our world-class chiropractic care, you will be delighted with your experience.

Here are a few things that separate us from other clinics:

1. We don’t just treat the symptom; we find and correct the root cause. Many other clinics will offer a cookie-cutter approach where everybody gets the same treatments (regardless of the actual condition). In our clinic, we take the time to do a good consultation, and a proper examination and then arrive at the right diagnosis. From there, we will design a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

2. In the unlikely event we cannot help, we will find somebody else who can. Chiropractors can’t fix every problem. Sometimes people will present with a medical issue that is outside our scope of care. If that happens, we can refer you to other medical specialists who would be better equipped to handle the situation.

3. I strive for the highest levels of clinical excellence. I’ve been in practice since 2001. With that much experience, and an unwavering pursuit of the latest advancements in physical medicine techniques (while honoring time-tested methods), as well as achieving many post-doctoral certifications in neurology, functional medicine, and clinical nutrition, I offer a fresh & unique approach.

4. Our care is affordable. We accept most insurance plans (including being a network provider for Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield). People in need of our services who don’t have insurance and who are worried about the high costs charged by many other clinics need not worry. We also participate with Care Credit allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family.

Are You Struggling With Any Of The Following Symptoms:


Numbness, Tingling, Poor Balance, Burning Pain, Electric Shocks, Weakness, Cramping, Cold Feet

About Neuropathy Conditions


Knee Pain, Joint Stiffness, Bone On Bone, Pain With Movement, Decreased ROM, Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Foot Pain

About Extremity Conditions


Thyroid, Blood Sugar Balance, Autoimmune, Gastrointestinal, Hormones, Inflammation, Toxicity, Food Intolerances

About Metabolic Conditions

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