Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem affecting tens of millions of Americans each year. The back is a complex structure which contains many different types of tissues (bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, etc). This is why it is important to get a proper consultation and examination by a doctor who specializes in back pain problems.

The workup involves checking range of motion, posture, checking the integrity of each joint, palpating the muscles to detect spasms, checking the alignment, doing orthopedic and neurological tests and testing the functional strength & stability of the back. From this, the doctor can zero in on the specific areas of trouble.

Healthy Back

Back pain comes in many forms. Sometimes the pain feels like a deep dull ache. It can feel sharp & stabbing (especially during motion). There is throbbing pain, electrical pain, and pain that may radiate into your buttocks, down your leg, or around your rib cage. The quality of the pain may give us important clues as to what tissues & structures are involved. It is important to correct the root cause that is holding you back from doing the things you need to do, want to do, or love to do.

If you’ve been having chronic back pain, and you want help, call us today for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

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