The Case of A Woman With Frozen Shoulder

April 15, 2023

Last week I got a new patient who came to me for frozen shoulder.  She was a 38-year-old who worked as a marketing manager for a corporation in Pittsburgh.  Her job was fairly sedentary and involved sitting in front of a computer most of her workday.

The problem involved her right shoulder.  What started off as an intermittent dull ache, eventually progressed into more and more stiffness, loss of range of motion, and progressively worsening pain.  In addition to the shoulder problem, she also had prediabetes, and thyroid problems and experienced intermittent anxiety and depression.

A review of past traumas and injuries didn’t reveal anything that special.  She played slow-pitch softball when she was a teenager and liked to go downhill skiing and camping.

Previous treatments included over-the-counter medications (Tylenol & Motrin), seeing her primary care physician, massage therapy, physical therapy, and trying Yoga and Pilates classes.  But nothing she tried was able to correct her problem.

After reviewing her medical history, we did a consultation and an examination.  She had a severely restricted range of motion in her right shoulder.  We did some orthopedic tests many of which were positive.  I ordered X-rays, which didn’t reveal anything that could give me additional useful information about her case.

The next thing I did was order some lab testing.  Her blood sugar levels were abnormal.  She also had indications pointing to chronic inflammation, hypothyroidism, and anemia.

My treatment plan was to correct muscular imbalances in her shoulder girdle with a technique I do called Trigenics.  Additionally, I felt we needed to control the inflammation (which was contributing to her musculoskeletal problems).  We did a treatment plan involving Trigenics, cold laser, and pulse wave therapy, as well as having her follow an autoimmune paleo diet complemented with anti-inflammatory supplements (turmeric, fish oils, and bromelain.

After six weeks of treatments, we restored a full, normal range of motion and got a 100% elimination of all pain.  She reported having more energy, better mental focus and felt 10 years younger.