Physical Problems Require Physical Solutions

March 04, 2023


Every year, tens of millions of Americans routinely suffer from musculoskeletal aches and pains. These problems range from chronic low back pain to tension across the shoulders, a stiff neck, headaches that creep up the back of the neck and cause tremendous pain throughout the head, extremity problems, and more. These physical problems are frequently treated with drugs (be it over the counter or even prescription-strength pharmaceuticals).

The Drug Ads

Drug commercials (on TV and radio as well as full-page ads in newspapers and magazines) try to persuade us to take pills for our physical problems. Over-the-counter drugs and prescription-strength medications don’t cure musculoskeletal (physical) problems. They only mask the symptoms. Additionally, they’re expensive and each one has a risk of side effects and toxicity.

A Stone In Your Shoe

pebble in shoe

Let’s take a look at this from a different perspective. Let’s say you had a small stone in your shoe. (I’m sure you’ve experienced this at one time or another in your life). How did it feel? It hurt, right? Why did it hurt? What specifically was going on that caused the discomfort? What was going on is that the small stone was pressing up on a nerve of pain in your foot. Now how do you correct this problem? You’d take off your shoe and shake it out to remove the stone. If I had a pebble in my shoe and I told you I was taking Tylenol for it, would you think I was out of my mind? You probably would (and rightly so).

Back pain is often caused by a misaligned bone (or several bones) in your back. This misalignment puts pressure on the nerves, causing them to become irritated. This can pinch and irritate the delicate surrounding nerves in the back causing pain, muscle spasms, and limited movement. This is EXACTLY the same type of thing that happens when you get a stone in your shoe. You have a hard object pressing up against a soft object, thus causing distress.

A Pill for Every Ill

And yet people think nothing of taking anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers, and even narcotic strength medications to deal with the problem. Here is a million-dollar question for you. Are any of these drugs ever going to correct the cause of the problem?

Physical Problems Require Physical Solutions

A stone in a shoe is a physical problem. So is back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, whiplash, headaches & migraines, etc.. The best approach to correcting these problems is by focusing on the cause of the problem. This involves realigning the spine and taking pressure off the nerves (naturally, and without medications)

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