Patch Care Or Corrective Care?

November 30, 2022


Millions of Americans suffer with musculoskeletal problems.  These issues can present as back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, muscle spasms and other issues.

Most doctors are focused on symptom relief. They aren’t focused on finding and treating the root causes of what is driving these problems. The most common therapy used by doctors are drugs.  For musculoskeletal problems, they will prescribe medicines such as anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, muscle relaxers and pain killers.  However, none of these pills actually cure anything.  They mask symptoms instead of addressing what is causing the symptoms.

Drugs Are Not Always The Answer

This approach is like being in a burning building and “fixing” the problem by cutting the wires to the fire alarm.  That is exactly what is happening you’re suffering with back pain and you take a pill.

If you had road filled with potholes, what would be the best way of addressing the problem?  Would you patch the potholes or repave the road?  Which choice would lead to the most satisfaction and the least problems in the future?

Fix The Actual Problem

Symptoms can be thought of as “secondary conditions”. The primary reason why symptoms occur are due to problems with motion, alignment and strength.  Motion, alignment and strength can be easily remembered by using the acronym “MAS”. By directly addressing and restoring motion, alignment and strength issues, you will in turn permanently resolve the secondary conditions. This approach requires a little more initial effort. But like repaving a road, it leads to greater long term satisfaction.

This is what’s missing from the approach utilized by most doctors. They’re too focused on relieving symptoms, rather than addressing the hidden root causes of what is driving the symptoms. If you want to get out of pain and stay out of pain, you must correct the primary conditions.

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