Cold Laser Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA

Have you ever considered cold laser therapy for pain relief in Pittsburgh, PA? Don’t just search for “chiropractic laser treatment near me” – let our staff personally show you how you can benefit from this treatment approach.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy might sound frightening, but it really isn’t.

Our low-level laser therapy uses specific frequencies of lasers that will not burn your body’s tissues. During this deep tissue laser therapy, these lasers are applied directly to areas where stiffness, pain, and other concerns are present. This can help to reduce swelling, increase mobility, and more.

What We Offer

There are so many uses for laser therapy. At Chronic Conditions Center, we provide a variety of cold laser treatment applications, including:

Laser therapy for back pain and stiffness

Low-level laser therapy for knee pain

Cold laser therapy for arthritis

If you are interested in laser treatment for pain, contact us today to learn more!

Get Back to Enjoying Your Life

To find how laser therapy can help with your pain, book a free, no obligation discovery call today.

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