Are You Being Left Behind?

January 20, 2023


Have you ever felt the pain of being left behind by your family? It’s a fairly common occurrence. Perhaps you have chronic knee pain and you can’t tolerate a lot of walking. That big trip to Disney World then comes impossible (due to the distances you have to walk every day). Maybe you can’t walk as fast as your family members. Imagine the pain of watching everyone else march ahead of you while you do your best to keep up.

Problems with Travel

Maybe you have spinal stenosis or peripheral neuropathy and your condition doesn’t allow you to travel comfortably. You can’t endure long car rides or flights on an airplane. This scenario happens all the time. It is tragic because it stops people from enjoying travel, seeing new sights, and going to fun places.

Balance Problems

dad and child on beach

If you have problems with balance control, you understand how difficult it can be to walk on a sandy beach. If your kids and grandkids want to play a game of tag, hunt for sea shells, or play catch with a Frisbee near the water, these activities can be impossible. You don’t want to let your family down. But how can they be expected to fully grasp what you’re going through?

A Compounding Effect

Having a chronic health problem is bad enough. But if you compound that with the inner pain of not being able to partake in your favorite activities, it is absolutely brutal. There is nothing worse than mentally wanting to do something, but not having the physical capability to handle it.

Get Help Now

If you have a chronic health problem like back pain, peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, knee pain, or hip problems, the time is now to get them resolved. Every day you procrastinate getting your problems corrected is another day life is passing you by.