The purpose of rehabilitation is to correct any weak or short muscles, reduce or eliminate pain, improve flexibility, accelerate the healing process and reduce reinjures of the same area. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a rehab program.

Improved Range Of Motion

Movement is decreased when muscles are short, weak or stiff. Our rehabilitation program will increase your range of motion. It promotes relaxing your muscles, which allows them to do more work with less effort. When your muscles are more relaxed, it’s easier to get a wider range of motion, which will help you workout, move, and work more efficiently, with less restrictions. Spinal rehabilitation can result in better back, neck and shoulder flexibility. Paired with the right exercises, your body will reap long-term benefits and better overall health.

Back Stretch 1

Relief from Pain

One of the main reasons why people go to chiropractors is because they’re experiencing pain. When the supportive soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) aren’t functioning correctly, they can pull the bones out of alignment, causing pain. Stretches, exercises and strengthening routines complement your adjustments, causing them to “hold” better, and providing you with long term relief.

Improved Energy

By reducing tension in the spine and freeing up the nerves (so they can work more efficiently), we are able to improve energy. Quite often, our bodies became tense and sore for so long, we just learn to live with it. But when they are run down with chronic aches and pains, our nervous system becomes ineffective. The result is we feel more tired and run down. A healthy, functioning spine is like removing the brakes on a freight train. Your body is once again able to function as nature had intended.

Improved Energy

Reduced Post Workout Soreness

Our chiropractic & rehab protocols are excellent for relaxing muscles, promoting full range of motion and allowing you to exercise to your potential. People who have a healthy, fully functioning nervous system and full range of motion are able to exercise harder with less post workout soreness. Imagine being able to roll back the miles and feel great after your workouts!

Improved Breathing

Just like any other part of the body, your lungs rely on proper nerve function. The spinal nerves from the neck and mid-back areas go to the lungs. Subluxations in these areas lead to pressure on the nerves causing asthma and other breathing difficulties. Spinal rehabilitation involves strengthening and lengthening the muscles that connect to the bones in these areas. The result is easier breathing, an easier time taking a deep breath and improved lung function. This makes exercising much easier and more bearable.

Less Dependence on Medication

Chronic pain can limit your mobility and lead to a lower quality of life. Some people that suffer from spine and back problems choose to use powerful drugs in order to get relief. I’m not anti- drug (there is a time and place for all healing). But we as a people are over-medicated. If there was a way I could get you the results you need without you needing to take a chemical, would you want to learn how? The good news is we offer excellent results through chiropractic care and rehab.

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Prevent the Need for Surgery

Surgery is a frequently utilized option for chronic pain problems. Sometimes surgery is absolutely the correct choice. However, surgery is the most invasive thing you could possibly try. You have the risk of infection, scar tissue formation and catastrophic results from the anesthesia. On top of that, surgery may not even work. Any time you have a problem, you always want to try the most gentle option first, and then gradually try other more-invasive options. Chiropractic care and rehab are gentle, drug-free and non-surgical. For most problems, these things should be tried first.

With that in mind, we are going to take a close look at different types of rehabilitation and the specific purpose of each one.

Therapeutic Exercises

We start off with simple range of motion movements. Some of the goals include building high quality of movement, symmetry, and full, pain free range of motion. Once this is achieved, we want to progressively challenge you by adding stabilization, strength and endurance. All of these things enable your adjustments to hold better so you can have a better functioning nervous system and feel great!

Post Workout

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular reeducation involves retraining the body’s balance and coordination systems. This helps improve posture and the ability to sit, stand or move, depending on a person’s current level of ability. Evaluations may take place on an ongoing basis to see if progress is being made in regaining stability.

When we are young, our brain and body learn to communicate to maintain balance and to carry out various tasks that we never think about later on in life. However, after an injury, you may find that your body struggles to maintain proper posture, even when performing a task as seemingly simple as sitting up.


Rehabilitation results in proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure of the body, particularly the spine. Our spinal rehabilitation in Pittsburgh, PA, can typically help your body heal itself and avoid the need of surgery or drugs.