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Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh, PA
Provided by Chronic Conditions Center

Ventolin Rezeptfrei Online

Why Choose Us?

Regenerative medicine involves isolating regenerative cells from a healthy source, and introducing them into the body. Localized treatments utilizing growth factors, cytokines, proteins and mesenchymal stem cells may help with peripheral neuropathy, knee, hip and many other joint pain or injuries by amplifying the body’s self-healing nature, which may help repair damaged tissue caused by injury, age or disease.

As experts in regenerative medicine, we have helped thousands of patients like you using the world’s most advanced minimally invasive treatments. Our therapies are used for treating degenerative medical conditions and common injuries, such as osteoarthritis, torn ligaments, muscular tears and sprains. Through extensive experience, our medical staff believes regenerative therapy can improve patient outcomes, and restore a higher quality of life. While every patient is different, one of our treatments may help you, as many of our patients see results within months of receiving treatment.

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Get Back to Enjoying Your Life

You don’t have to live with pain. Contact our clinic today to see what our FDA cleared treatments can do to change your life.

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